For decades, arranging transportation has been a challenge for people 50-plus and caregivers in Columbia, South Carolina. Recognizing the need for an innovative solution that would work for urban, suburban, and rural residents of Richland and Lexington counties, AARP Driver Safety launched the Ride@50+ Program, powered by Feonix – Mobility Rising.

Built on the Mobility as a Service framework, the program acts as a complete trip planner, listing local transportation options and empowering you to get where you need to go on your terms. With the program, you can compare prices, pick the option that works for you or your loved one, and pay all at the same time via the online booking platform, call center, or smartphone app.

Everyone deserves easy access to reliable transportation that works for them. From public transportation to rideshare services to private providers exclusively for older adults, select what works best for your budget and schedule with the customized options you or your loved ones might need.

Need to get mom to the doctor but you have meetings lined up all day? Night out on the town and don’t want to worry about driving home? Breakfast and cards Saturday morning, but your car is in the shop? Had knee surgery and need a ride for a few weeks? The Ride@50+ Program makes it easier to arrange rides for work, life, or just some fun!

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The AARP Ride@50+ Program, powered by Feonix – Mobility Rising, is proud to bring this innovative, one-stop shop for local transportation options to Columbia, SC.

Columbia, South Carolina resident Gloria Berry uses the AARP Ride@50+ Program to book rides for her medical appointments and leisure trips, like out to eat at her favorite restaurant.

Berry began using the program after reading about it in her community newsletter. She likes that, “I can use this service to go anywhere from the movies to the mall. I have freedom. Before, I had to wait for the driver to drop off other people. Now, I make it to my appointments on time.” With the Ride@50+ Program, Berry can get where she wants to go on her own terms and arrive when she wants – no having to try to navigate the labyrinth of transportation services in the Columbia area to find a ride. If she wants to head over to the local grocery story and pick up some last minute items, she can with a simple phone call to the program call center! Berry says, “I will definitely keep using this service.”

Life does not and should not stop simply because someone has decided to hang up their keys or limit driving. We all have somewhere we need to go almost every day, whether that means going out in the community to get the care we need or just checking out a restaurant in town.

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Photo Credit: Lourie Center

Featuring fitness, cultural, and educational opportunities, the Lourie Center is dedicated to providing engaging opportunities for adults over 50.

While these programs are popular with older adults in the area, arranging transportation to and from the Lourie Center is particularly hard for many. Because there is not a direct route to the Lourie Center via the bus and the paratransit service cannot always get to the Center on time for classes or programs, many seniors struggle to get to the Center or do not attempt to go. This struggle leads to declining attendance and limited usage of the programs meant to assist and enrich the lives of the community’s senior population.

With AARP’s Ride@50+ Program, the Lourie Center sees an opportunity for greater access to local transportation options for seniors who no longer drive, outside of only public transportation. In the beginning of 2019, the Lourie Center was part of a select group of local businesses given access to the Ride@50+ Program pilot offering free rides booked through the program in the community. Both the Lourie Center staff, who booked rides for center visitors through the pilot offering, and the seniors who took the rides commented that they enjoyed having transportation options grouped in one place with multiple ways to book rides on their own terms. With the cost of each ride option listed right up-front, individuals using the program were able to select the ride option that works best for them without needing to use multiple applications or making several calls.

Thanks to the AARP Ride@50+ Program, community members can now book a ride to early morning Tai Chi with Bill, or stay late after class trying out some new moves with Ramon and her Monday evening Salsa lessons.

To learn more about bringing the program to an organization in Columbia, call us at (888) 851-2131. We would love to know how we can help!

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